IoT Modules

IoT WiFi Module, CC1310 modules, Bluetooth Modules, LORA Modules

Radio Modules

Wide range of RF Modules : Transmitter,Receiver and Transceiver Module 

Frequency : 433.92MHz / 868MHz / 915MHz / Custom Frequency


Wireless Home Automation

SENSØNET is a 868MHz wireless network architecture developed for Lighting, Industrial Automation and for Home and Building Automation


RadioControlli SRL  è lieta di invitarti allo Smart Building Expo, la fiera dedicata all’integrazione di sistema.

Saremo presenti allo Smart Building Expo dal 13 al 15 Novembre.

Per appuntamenti : 0823 1545993





      Transceiver Module S2LP based

RC-S2LP-XXX module is based on STMicroelectronics S2-LP transceiver.  This device is a high performance ultra low power RF transceiver designed for RF wireless application in the sub 1GHz band, 433MHz 868MHz and 915MHz. The module is designed for maximum performance in a minimal space, with 4 programmable I/O pins.      More Information


AM Reiceiver Modules

ASK Transmitter Modules

FSK Transmitter/Receiver

Moduli radio miniaturizzati

CC1101 Transceiver Modules

IoT Modules

SI1000 Transceiver Modules

Smart Radio Modem

Radio Modules 434/868 MHZ

KEYFOB - RX Unit with decoder

Arduino Wireless

Wireless Switch


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