Radio Modules Texas Instruments based

CC1310, CC1312R, CC1352R, CC3200, CC2640

Radio Modules sub 1GHz Miniturized


Radio Modules sub 1GHz ASK/FSK

Wide range of RF Modules : Transmitter,Receiver and Transceiver Module 

Frequency : 433.92MHz / 868MHz / 915MHz / Custom Frequency


Rain Sensor (Thick Film technology)

Smart Radio Modem (433/868/915MHz)

Radio Modules 434/868 MHZ

AM Reiceiver Modules

ASK Transmitter Modules

FSK Transmitter/Receiver

Moduli radio miniaturizzati

Transceiver Modules

IoT Modules

Smart Radio Modem

KEYFOB - RX Unit with decoder

Arduino Wireless

IoT Wireless Application

Telecomando Bidirezionale

Sensore Pioggia


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