Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Sensor Network

Time to market reduction






868MHz wireless network architecture developed for Lighting, Industrial Automation and for Home and Building Automation.

It's main features are :
1) Easy to use and configure ( all the WSAN is managed through a RS232 interface)
2) Integrates the low consumption technology.
3) Is possible to customize depending on your needs.

The network architecture :




 The GATEWAY is the Interface between the wireless sensor network and external control logic . The receiving channel radio is always active.
 The GATEWAY receives and transmits data packets to / from the network of sensors and the external controller (through interface RS-232).
 The Sensor network management  is performed, via the serial interface, by an external application, running  on an embedded system (host).


2)     SENSOR  Low Consumption Unit (power supply by battery)

The sensor (usually in Low Power State) will be activated for the following :
- Asynchronous Event ( Recognition alarm state)
- Event Synchronous (Real time clock wake up timer)
In both cases, the Sensor sends a data packet to its affiliated gateway, communicating  information about the status of the inputs and measurements made by the Sensor,  and wait for a response from the Gateway : ACK + Commands.


3)     ACTUATOR Unit 

This unit is always powered (the radio is always on) integrates all the functions of the unit described above, but you can drive it directly from Gateway. The Gateway can directly drive the Unit to move the digital outputs and to request the value of the measurements performed by the unit.
Versions : ON/OFF Actuator, PWM Actuator, PWM SERVO Actuator 


4)     REPEATER 

This unit is always powered (the radio is always on). Its function is the following:
- Identify all messages (or ACK) transmitted to its reference GATEWAY and send them again.
-  Identify all messages (or ACK) sent by his referece GATEWAY and send them back to the single sensors and actuators.



RCS1KSMTppTransceiver RCS1KSMT-868


The purpose of the project  is to make available to our customer a Wireless Sensor Network architecture that can be used as infrastrucure in their projects.

The Sensors are able to monitor and measure greatnesses, process measurement data and transmit the collected data (> 100m <> 600m).  It is possible to create a real distributed measurement system, in which the Sensors will acquire information from  the surrounding environment , process them through an on-board processor and transmit them to the gateway in its transmission range. We are not talking about a simple Sensor but a Smart Sensor,  able to send some information and data already processed to the server via its Gateway.

The "Sensors" were designed as low-power, in order to allow its use even (and especially)  in applications where there is a limited energy supply and non-renewable (battery). Each Sensor is characterized by a unique address (Address Sensor). The Gateway or also called "concentrator" process only the data from its Sensors.  It is managed according to the communication protocol,  via UART from an embedded system connected to it.



It detects a pulse with negative polarity on one of the three digital inputs DIN1, DIN2, DIN3.
The sensor recognizes the pin on which has been applied pulse and send the code directly to Gateway.





The internal  low consumption  clock determines the  awakening rhythm of the sensor,  based on the value expressed in seconds programmed in the non-volatile memory (WAKE UP TIMER). Every “Wake Up Timer” seconds,  the Sensor performs a series of measures (analog, digital and pulse count) and transmits it to its reference Gateway.




Each sensor is equipped with a serial port (UART) with Interrupt configured in the following mode : 38400.8, n, 1. On receiving (Sensor) of a word on the UART (maximum 24caratteri) the information content is immediately transferred to the Gateway . The Gayteway  can be used by the HOST system to which it is connected to respond with one other word (up to 16 characters) , in this way the bi-directionality of the system is guaranteed.




RadioControlli  is available, on request, to make additions and / or  customization within the project.

Kit di sviluppo 

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