Thick Film Technology Service

Thick Film Technology Service

Custom circuits in thick film technology

The Hybrid Circuits technology uses a ceramic substrate on which are deposited, by screen printing and subsequent sintering, several layers of conductive, dielectric and resistive materials that together form the passive part of the circuit. The metals commonly used are silver, gold, palladium, platinum, in various combinations of mixtures and alloys.

Depending on the complexity of the product, the substrate can be silk-screened onto a single face or both, and real multi-layers made of several layers are also made. The silk-screened resistors are calibrated to the laser to obtain with great reliability and precision (both in relation and in absolute value) any desired value. The SMD components are mounted on the substrate.

High reliability

Thermal Conductivity The ceramic substrate used has high thermal conductivity properties (dissipation), it exceeds the traditional PCBs of 0.5 Watt per cm2 in increments of 100ºC, which is why film circuits are often ideal for power electronics applications.

High operating voltages Ceramic substrates have a very high breakdown voltage compared to printed circuit boards, making them ideal for high voltage applications.


Material Characteristics Value
ALLUMINA    AL² O³ 96%
   Thermal Conductivity  21           W/m°C
   Thermal Expansion  7,1          10^-6 /°C
   Dielectric Rigidity    24           KV/mm
   Dielectric Constant K at 1MHz  9,5
   Value  0,1 ÷ 1000x10^6 Ohm
   Tolerance Absolute  min 0,5%
   Tolerance Resistors Ratio  min 0,25%
   Thermal Coefficient  ± 50 ppm/°C   -55/125°C
   Thermal Coefficient Ratio  ± 25ppm/°C   -55/125°C
   Power Dissipation  0,30 W/mm^2
   Electric Field Range  100 ÷ 400 V/mm
   Value  3÷100 pF/mm^2 
   Nominal Voltage   50 V
   Breakdown Voltage  2800 V/50µm
   Nominal Value Deviation  ± 20%


Some members of the RadioControlli team have more than twenty years of experience in thick film technology. We are pleased to put our know-how at your disposal to provide you with a feasibility analysis and a quotation of your module in no time.

We are able to realize resisitive element high value and for use in high voltage. 

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