About Us

About Us

Competence Determination and Passion are our core value in RadioControlli.

We are a young company but with an important baggage of experiences. Our company was founded by initiative of managers with long and established experiences ( electronics engineering and research & development ) in some major Italian industrial groups   ( Italtel, IPM Group ) ; Later they were joined by professional and skilled resources.We are specialized in the design engineering of electronics devices. We are particularly focused on the wireless network field, especially in application with measurement and monitoring. Our intention is to satisfy our customer, providing an offer as complete as possible of wireless products with quality above all. Our technicians are daily commited to the research and study of the best solutions. We work with passion and constructive spirit, this is an invitation to contact and meet us.Our catalog is composed of radio modules sub 1GHz (transmitters, receivers and transceivers) and various wireless solutions. We have developed an wireless sensor network application that is gaining a considerable interest by our partner/customers and is defined by them as one of the best wireless network solutions for Home automation, Building automation, Lighting and Industrial process.

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RadioControlli is STMicrolectronics Authorized Partner 



About Us

Radio Modules 434/868 MHZ

AM Reiceiver Modules

ASK Transmitter Modules

FSK Transmitter/Receiver

Radio modules miniaturized

Transceiver Modules

IoT Modules

Smart Radio Modem

KEYFOB - RX Unit with decoder

Arduino Wireless

IoT Wireless Application

Bidirectional Remote Control

Rain Sensor

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