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RC-S2LP-915-HA module is based on STMicroelectronics S2-LP transceiver,


the S2-LP is a successor to ST’s SPIRIT1 (RC-SPIRIT1-868) and offers increased transmission range, greater selectivity, ultra-low power consumption and high configuration flexibility for internet of things (IoT) applications. FCC Certified.

This device is a high performance ultra low power RF transceiver designed for RF wireless application in the sub 1GHz band.
The module is designed for maximum performance in a minimal space, with 4 programmable I/O pins.
Programmable from external microcontroller via SPI interface.
For more information and details, please refer to the S2-LP datasheet (www.st.com).

Operative Frequency : 915MHz

Sub-1Ghz technology is becoming one of the chief driving forces behind the Internet of Things (Iot), in particular this type of module is ideal for this applications basically for the following reasons :

  • Ultra low power consumption, the consumption of this device is 7mA when receiving and 20mA when transmitting at +14dBm (11mA at +10dBm) in sleep mode the consumption is 0.7µA.
  • Long range operations, the sensitivity parameter is -109dBm at data rates of 38.4 kbps and down to -128dBm when the data rate is 0.3kbps. Interference from other wireless communications can be overcome with 90dB of blocking. The RF output power levels can reach up to +16dBm. All this ensure a robust signaling for long range communications.
  • Ready for use SMD mounting (15x 22mm)
  • Metal shield. 
Technical Characteristics MIN TYP MAX UNIT
Supply Voltage  1.8  3.0 3.60 Volt
 Supply Current RX mode   7.2    mA
 Supply Current TX mode   -----> +10dBm   11     mA
 Supply Current TX mode   -----> +14dBm     20    mA
 Supply Current Standby Mode    0,5   µA
 Supply Current Shut Down Mode     2.5   nA
 Operative Frequency    915   MHz
 RF Power Output 50ohm (programmable parameter)   -30   +16 dBm
 RF Sensitivity 38.4kbps  2GFSK   -109   dBm
 RF Sensitivity 0.3kbps 2GFSK   -128   dBm
 Operating Temperature range -30   +75 °C



Pads Name Description    Pin Type 
1 SDO SPI slave data output Digital out
2 SDI SPI slave data input Digital in
3 SCLK SPI slave clock input Digital in
4 CSn SPI chip select Digital in
5 GPIO-0 General purpose I/O configurable through SPI registers Digital I/O
6 GPIO-1 General purpose I/O configurable through SPI registers Digital I/O
7 GPIO-2 General purpose I/O configurable through SPI registers Digital I/O
8 GPIO-3 General purpose I/O configurable through SPI registers Digital I/O
9 GND Connect to GND Ground pin
10 SDN Shutdown input pin Digital in
11 GND  Connect to GND Ground pin
12 GND  Connect to GND Ground pin
13 VCC  1.8Volt to 3.6Volt  Power Supply
14 VCC  1.8Volt to 3.6Volt  Power Supply
15 GND  Connect to GND Ground pin 
16 GND  Connect to GND Ground pin
17 GND  Connect to GND Ground pin 
18 GND  Connect to GND Ground pin 
19 GND  Connect to GND Ground pin 
20  ANT  Connect to external Antenna  Antenna
 21  GND  Connect to GND Ground pin


The RC-S2LP-XXX-EK is an evaluation board based on the RC-S2LP-XXX module. The Evaluation board can be used instead of those provided by the chip manufacter (www.st.com) denominated STEVAL-FKIXXXV2.

With this board it is possible to use all the SW resources provided for the development activity, in particular :

- STSW-S2LP-DK         (S2-LP-DK Application Notes)
- STSW-S2LP-SFX-DK  (S2-LP SigFox Demo)

RC-S2LP-XXX signal test points are split across two rows which are Arduino compliant connectors: CN1, CN2 and Cn3, CN4. The RC-S2LP-XXX shield is connected to the Nucleo motherboard via the Arduino compliant connectors.

For more information -----> RC-S2LP-XXX Arduino Adapter


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