Arduino Wireless 868MHz

Arduino Wireless 868MHz

Wireless actuator for home automation, composed by a GATEWAY unit (Arduino shield) and by one or more ACTUATOR units with the possibility to switch from a minimum of 4 up to a maximum of 256 devices (relays). This wireless control system is designed for the most varied requirements in the field of Home automation, it can be used to activate all kinds of lighting, as other applications, for example heating / cooling, electric gates, automatic doors and industrial controls. The GATEWAY unit is controlled by ARDUINO microcontroller. It is possible to have a "point to point" configuration (No.1 GATEWAY unit - No.1 ACT unit) or a "point-multipoint" configuration (No. 1 GATEWAY unit more ACT units ) up to the possibility of switching 256 users (relays ).

RCQ3-868-ACT Actuator board
This board allows to drive 4 relays both in monostable and bistable mode.
It is possible use commercial relay board. Must be powered at 5Volt.

RCQ3-DUINO-868 Gateway board
The GATEWAY unit is composed from an Arduino shield that allows to transmit simple Rs232 command through ARDUINO microcontroller.
On the Radiocontrolli website you can find some example of Arduino code.

Main characteristics :

- Bidirectional systems
- Sending via Rs232 of a switch command to the ACT unit, to switch N.4 relay in monostable or bistable mode.
- For each switch command sent the Gateway receive a feedback from the ACT.
- It is possible to know the state of the individual relay of a specific ACT unit anytime.
- It si possible to manage more ACT unit.
- Request the RSSI value
- Request the remote configuration and remote battery value.
- Request the remote Temperature value.

This device can be work also in Long Range Mode (LRM) that is a particulary encoding technique that trades data rate for sensitivity gains. These gains are achieved by digital coding.




    Below a series of commands to be sent on the ARDUINO serial port, RadioControlli has already created an application downloadable top left.








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