Wireless actuator for home automation 868MHz

Wireless actuator for home automation 868MHz

868MHz ON/OFF Wireless Actuator, the kit is composed from a TX unit (RCQ3-868-DK)  controllable via serial interface RS232 and from one or more Actuator units (RCQ3-868-ACT) with the possibility to drive from N.4 up to 256 relays. It is possible to connect to each actuator unit a relay board (N.4 relay). This device works in Long Range Mode (LRM) using a special encoding technique for more information see the Actuator or TRX Unit technical documentation. This wireless control system is designed for the most varied requirements in the field of Home automation, it can be used to activate all kinds of lighting, as other applications, for example heating / cooling, electric gates, automatic doors and industrial controls.

It is possible to use the Gateway also with the TRX units (RCQ3-XXX-TRX) in this case it is possible to drive 2 relay and manage 2 inputs (open / closed), for further information consult the RCQ3-XXX documentation TRX.TX unit can be managed by a normal PC  or by Raspberry

The main features of this bidirectional system are:

  1. Sending via RS232 of an actuation command to one or more actuator card to actuate the 4 relays.
  2. At each actuation command the actuator device sends the feedback relating to the operation performed.
  3. It is possible at any time to know the status of the individual relays of a specific actuator card.
  4. The relays can be managed in monostable mode and in bistable mode
  5. Each actuator has a temperature sensor on board and it is possible to send a command, to know the temperature value of the individual actuator. 

 For each device (gateway and actuator) it is necessary to set the following parameters:

- LOCAL ADDRESS  :             It is its address  

- DESTINATION ADDRESS :   It is the address of the device with whom you want to connect

Each device is preconfigured with a default address "7E 7E 7E 7E" this address can be changed either via RS232 commands.

In the configuration shown above, by default the Gateway is connected to DEVICE A.

It is possible to change the DESTINATION ADDRESS (of the Gateway) from 02020202 to 03030303 to make the connections with DEVICE B.

Subsequently it is possible to change the DESTINATION ADDRESS (of the Gateway) from 03030303 to 04040404 to make the connections with DEVICE C.

RadioControlli has developed a windows software application (DOWNLOAD HERE) to provide an example of the use of these products.

You can check the functionality of this application by watching the following video:


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