Bluetooth Module Small Version

Bluetooth Module Small Version


IoT Bluetooth Module based on CC2640 Texas Instrument

RC-CC2640-A is designed based on CC2640R2F128 Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0) System-on-Chip, fully supports the single mode Bluetooth Low Energy operation.

The module provides the ability to either put your entire application into the integrated ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, or use the module in Network Processor mode in conjunction with the microcontroller of your choice.


Mechanical Drawing and dimensions


Very small 8 x 8.5mm



  • Bluetooth4.1, Single mode compliant-Supports master and slave modes
  • Build in CC2640F128 Bluetooth Smart System-On-Chip
  • RF Performance : TX Power=+2dBm RX Sensitivity=-87 -94dBm
  • Ultra low current consumption
  • Transmit current(0dBm)=6.1mA
  • Receiving current=5.9mA
  • Size: 8mm×8.35mm×1.5mm


Technical Characteristics MIN MAX UNIT
Operation Voltage  1.8  3.8 Volt
 Operating Temperature  -40  85  °C
 Current Consumption BLE Advertising (interval 100ms)  0.23    mA
 Current Consumption BLE Connection (interval 30ms)  0.35    mA
 Current Consumption BLE Connection (interval 50ms)   0.22   mA
 Current Consumption BLE Connection (interval 100ms)  0.12   mA
 Current Consumption BLE Connection (interval 500ms)  0.02   mA
 Current Consumption Sleep Mode     1  µA
 TX Power  -20    2  dBm
 RX Sensitivity  -87    -94  dBm
 Storage Temperature  -40 +150 °C
Mechanical Dimensions  8.35 x 8mm      


Pads  Name  Description
 3  VDDS  1.8V to 3.8V power Supply
 4  GND  Ground
 5  DIO 3  GPIO, High drive capability, JTAG_TDO
 6  DIO 4  GPIO, High drive capability, JTAG_TDI
 7  DIO 5

 GPIO, Sensor controller, Analog

 8  DIO 6  GPIO, Sensor controller, Analog
 9  DIO 7  GPIO, Sensor controller, Analog
 10  RSET  Reset, active-low (No internal pullup)
 11  DIO 8  GPIO, Sensor controller, Analog
 12  DIO 9  GPIO, Sensor controller, Analog
 13  DIO 2  GPIO, Sensor controller, High drive capability
 14  DIO 1  GPIO, Sensor controller, High drive capability
 15  DIO 0  GPIO, Sensor controller, High drive capability
 16  GND  Ground
 17  GND  Ground





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