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Sub 1GHz Multichannels Radio Transceiver  

 It is a low cost sub 1GHz multichannels transceiver designed for low-consumption wireless applications. The hardware is based on Texas Instruments CC1101 component. Programmable from external microcontroller via SPI interface.
Working frequency programmable in the following band : 868MHz
For more information and details, please refer to the CC1101 Texas Instruments datasheet.

Mechanical Dimensions : 15.60 x 21.50mm                                                                                                          
Technical Characteristics MIN TYP MAX UNIT
Supply Voltage  1.8  3.0 3.60 Volt
 Current Consumption (RX mode/TX Mode)   18/30 6.8  mA
 Current Consumption Power down mode   0.2     µA
 Frequency     868MHz    MHz
 RF Power Output 50ohm    +10    dBm
 RF Sensitivity (1.2 Kb/sec data rate)     -112   dBm
 Data Rate 1.2    500    Kbit/s
 Tolerance Receiver Frequency
  ±1.5     KHz
 Frequency deviation 
  ±1.5   ±380 KHz
 Operating Temperature range -20   +70 °C




Pads  Name  Description
 1  SI  Serial configuraion interface SPI ----> Data Input
 2  SCLK  Serial configuration interface SPI ----> Clock Input
 3  S0  Serial configuration interface SPI -----> Data Output
 4  GD02  Digital Output configurable
 5  GD00  Digital Output configurable
 6  CSn  Serial configuration interface SPI  -----> Cgip Select
 7  GND  Ground
 8  GND  Ground
 9  GND  Ground
 10  ANT  Antenna
 12  VCC  Power Supply

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